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Agricultural tours, conferences, ag study tours, fact finding missions, technical programs, agritravel professionally organized worldwide. Trump Tours, based in the United States,  is a creative and engaged company that focuses on the unique and specialized needs for Agricultural group tours.

"one good idea"

Farmers invest in their business with an Ag tour.  It just takes one good idea for a farmer to improve operations, to make more money or to save time and energy.

Ag Tours Calendar

2014- 2015
Vietnam Farm Tour
Dec 1-12, 2014
Argentina / Chile Farm Tour
Jan 13-25, 2015
Southern Brazil Farm Tour
Jan 24-Feb 3, 2015
Australia Farm Tour
Feb 9-20, 2015
New Zealand Farm Tour
Feb 19-Mar 1, 2015
Greece / Turkey Farm Tour
Mar 2-13, 2015


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